Thursday, 9 October 2014

Updates and Good News

In the wake of being still for a month, once again I am here with the almost recent improvements:

Me and my companion John Conway have simply had our first presentation in an experimental gathering, at the Dinosaurs- a Historical Perspective gathering at the Geological Society in London. Our "gig" constituted a banter and a colossal notice about the diverse ways pterosaurs (antiquated flying reptiles,) were imagined and depicted throughout the most recent century-and-a large portion of palaeo studies. Continue watching this space, I will post it online soon!

In alternate news, equity predominated (an uncommon occasion) in Turkey as the infamous Turkish creationist Adnan Oktar, otherwise known as Harun Yahya, was imprisoned under charges of shaping a criminal association. Other than distributed painful duplicates of 30's American creationist tracts and opening dodgy "creation displays" left and right, Harun Yahya and co. were debilitating individuals with shakedown, working a funny, religiously-tinted prostitution ring and attempting to subvert the courts that oppressed them. No love lost!

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